Carlson CST50017 ABS Wheel Speed Sensor Review

Carlson CST50017 ABS Wheel Speed Sensor Review


Every vehicle equipped with ABS needs a top-notch wheel speed sensor. Opt for the Carlson CST50017 and you will be more than pleased with the result. This sensor is fully tested during both pre- and post-production to ensure reliable functionality. Give this OEM quality ABS wheel speed sensor a try, and you will find it serves you and your vehicle quite well.

Manufacturer: Carlson Quality Brake Parts


Part Number: CST50017
Weight: 1.41 ounces
Dimensions: 7.25” x 9” x 1.5”
Origin: North America



  • Does not fit all vehicles. Be sure to check the replacement information below.

Replacement Information

The Carlson CST50017 sensor is meant to replace the front sensors of the Maxima 2014-2009 and the Altima 2013-2007. In terms of OEM part numbers, the Carlson CST50017 replaces SU12644, 5S11191, 47910JA000, 2ABS0458, 410.944, ALS1442, 084-4380, ABS1552, and 695-131.

Verified and Tested for Optimal Functionality and Reliability

While some other wheel speed sensors are rushed to market, the Carlson CST50017 has been carefully tested for reliability and stability regardless of the weather. This elite sensor is subjected to testing in regards to vibration, shock, thermal, temperature, electrical, and voltage to ensure it proves durable. In fact, the sensor is even tested to the point that it proves capable of withstanding extreme temperatures all the way down to -40 degrees Fahrenheit and as high as 257 degrees Fahrenheit. Carlson’s testers go to the extent of salt spraying test the sensor for a whopping 48 hours to guarantee its insulation resistance and superior impedance.

Built with Precision

This Carlson ABS sensor has been carefully constructed to match everything from OE wire lengths to mounting and connector designs. OE signatures to the ECU are guaranteed. Grommets and wire clips are added to guarantee sufficient mounting along with flawless chassis routing. The sensor comes complete with weather-pack connectors along with plated pins to safeguard the ABS sensors, guard against corrosion, and boost conductivity. There is even a protective sleeve for the wire harness to guard against potential damage to wires. Add this sensor to your vehicle and you will not be disappointed.

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