Is Double Flaring Brake Lines Absolutely Necessary?

In short, the answer to this question is a resounding “Yes!” Car brake lines should be double flared simply because considerable pressure is inflicted on them through the hydraulic system. Let’s take a closer look at the differences between double flared brake lines and single flared brake lines and dig deeper into why it makes sense to double flare these critically important lines.

Double Flared Brake Lines Compared to Single Flared Brake Lines

Double flared brake lines are considered the OEM standard for vehicle braking systems, which means they are that much safer than the single flared variety. Double flared brake lines really do make it that much easier to avoid a brake line risk and other problems related to pressure within the brake line.

There is a widespread belief that brake lines of the single flared variety no longer exist. However, the truth is single flared lines are used on vehicles that have not been properly repaired by mechanics. The bottom line is single flared brake lines are not going to be in a vehicle unless someone has performed repair work on the brake system and failed to put the system back together in the proper manner.

Why Double Flared Brake Lines are Preferable

The double flare brake line fitting is quite common in automobiles made, sold, and driven throughout the United States and Asia. The purpose of adding double flared brake lines to a vehicle is to minimize friction wear along with cracking at the flare that has the potential to create a leak within the line.

Though bubble flared brake lines also exist, this type of line fitting is primarily found in vehicles driven in Europe. The bubble flared brake line variety is used in automobiles that have high-pressure systems. However, the overarching moral of this story is no vehicle should have single flared brake lines. The single flared line is inherently hazardous to the vehicle’s braking system as well as to you and all other occupants in your vehicle.

Even if your auto mechanic or one of your favorite automotive website writers favors single flared or bubble flared brake lines, you should resist the temptation to add them to your vehicle. It is unsafe and even illegal to drive a vehicle with a brake system comprised of single flared fittings. If you plan on adding fittings to your vehicle’s brake system on your own, spend the money necessary to purchase a high-quality flaring tool that creates the perfect double flared fittings. Pay the premium for this tool, sweat the small stuff when adding the double flared fittings, and you won’t lose any sleep worrying about a potentially devastating brake failure while you are out and about.